Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition

A complete package of mobile technology and services designed to give you more choice, more control and more protection.

Superior Protection

Samsung Knox is a defence-grade security platform built from the chip up, meaning your data will be protected from threats at all times.

Premium Security and Maintenance

Stay ahead of mobile security threats with 4 years of firmware updates, either monthly or quarterly.

Management Made Simple

Take control of your mobile fleet remotely by testing new OS versions to ensure stability before rolling them out and scheduling firmware updates for when it’s most convenient.

Effortless Configuration

Connect your workforce faster than ever by configuring your settings, restrictions and apps at the click of a button.

Extended Product Lifecycle

All Galaxy Enterprise Edition phones are available longer than standard devices*, bringing greater continuity to your fleet.

*Devices will remain on sale for a defined period of time after first global market release. The defined period will differ according to each specific device. Subject to change without notice.

3 Year Enhanced Support

Keep your business running and secure your environment with 3 years of enhanced service maintenance, including fast response and next business day swap.

Seamless Setup

Our team is committed to making your experience as hassle free as we can. That’s why we completely configure your MDM portal, including all security policies, chosen restrictions and management preferences.

Fully Hosted

We provide a fully hosted service, meaning we are available all day, every day, to completely manage the running of your mobile security solution. Not only does this afford you total peace of mind that your devices are protected, but it also guarantees you won’t receive any extra bills from us for using our services.

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