Hosted Telephony / VOIP.

Seamless Communication. Scalable Solutions. Superior Service.

Empower your business communications

Upgrade your communication with DCS Worldwide’s feature-rich Hosted Telephony and VoIP solutions. Experience seamless connections, unmatched scalability, and exceptional service – all designed to empower your teams and drive success.

Flexible and Scalable

Unlike traditional phone systems, our Hosted Telephony eliminates the need for on-premise hardware and complex maintenance. Our solutions seamlessly scale with your business, allowing you to effortlessly add or remove extensions as needed. Whether you operate with a small team or a large workforce, DCS has a solution to keep you connected.

Premium Quality at Lower Costs

Experience exceptional call clarity with our high-definition VoIP technology. Eliminate expensive phone bills with our competitive rates and enjoy significant cost savings on international calls.

Effortless Mobility

DCS Hosted Telephony empowers your workforce to stay connected from anywhere. Access your phone system from your office desk, home office, mobile phone, or laptop with a softphone application. Integrate your phone system with popular business tools like CRM systems and Microsoft Teams for a truly unified communications experience.


The traditional copper network (PSTN) is being decommissioned in 2025. Our future-proof VoIP solutions ensure your business remains operational and avoids disruption during the switch-over.

Are you ready for the PSTN switch-off?

It's happening sooner than you might think!


The way we communicate is changing. The copper network you might remember from old landline phones, called the PSTN, is being retired by the end of 2025. This means businesses that rely on traditional phone lines and older broadband will need to upgrade.

Don’t worry, it’s not all bad news! Upgrading to a Hosted Telephony or VoIP solution from DCS Worldwide can be a smooth transition. These cloud-based systems offer features like seamless communication, easy scaling, and superior service – all designed to empower your teams and drive success.

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